Mental Health


A post-it note with the words 'If you're thinking about suicide, always wait one more day'

  • What We Know
    • 6% of college students seriously considered suicide
    • 2% of college students seriously considered suicide while drinking
    • 1% of college students attempted suicide one or more times
    • 5% of college students intentionally injured themselves—cutting, bruising, burning, etc.
    • 70% of people give some indication before they attempt suicide—a joke, a hint, or a comment
  • What We Can Do?

    If someone directly or indirectly talks, jokes, hints, or writes about death or suicide, take it seriously.

    If you suspect your friend is thinking about suicide

    • Ask Directly. “Are you thinking about suicide?”
    • Seek immediate professional intervention— If your friend’s response is “YES”.
    • Do NOT leave them by themselves.  Stay with them until emergency personnel arrives.

If the situation is NOT a life-threatening emergency, contact the IU Counseling Center at (812) 855-5711 and press option 1 for the 24-hour crisis line.