Culture of Care is a campus wide, student-led and staff-supported initiative focused on creating a campus culture in which members of the Indiana University Bloomington community demonstrate “care” for one another. Through bystander intervention, the Culture of Care initiative empowers students to support their peers. The Culture of Care initiative promotes helping one another, behavioral change, and raising awareness in four core areas: sexual well-being, mental health, alcohol & drug awareness, and respect.


As a student-led and staff-supported initiative, Culture of Care permeates the Indiana University Bloomington community. We continuously work toward cultivating a culture in which mutual respect and compassionate action are the norm. We foster a campus environment in which students are safe and feel empowered to make positive change. Our program efforts are driven by communicating the benefits of bystander intervention, teaching college students ways to help in problematic situations, and through educating our students on our focus areas. We strive for the Indiana University Bloomington community to recognize that these aspects of our lives impact us and our community. We encourage Hoosiers to have the courage to care.