A hero is a Hoosier who steps up and helps someone in need. Whether it’s talking to a friend who seems down or calling to get emergency help in a crisis—many of our Hoosiers are heroes.

We are interested in hearing stories of how Hoosiers have stepped up to help one another. If you have seen someone else step up or have personally helped someone or been the recipient of help, please share your story below.

Don't worry, we won't share your story to anyone else without your permission.  Check the respective box below if you are okay with us sharing your story.

We aren't looking for "perfect" stories, but rather ones that demonstrate that someone has the #CouragetoCare.

Here is an example of a story:

"When I was having a hard time adjusting at school, my friend took me to the health center to schedule my first therapy appointment because he wanted to show me I wasn’t alone when I thought I was. Since then, I have been meeting with a counselor at CAPS every other week and it has been helpful. My counselor has helped me overcome some minor depression and feelings of loneliness. I also have joined a student organization and am finally finding my place on campus."