Campus Resources

Division of Student Affairs
The Division of Student Affairs includes several offices such as the IU Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS), Student Life and Learning, the Office of Student Ethics, the Office of Alternative Screening Intervention Servcies (OASIS), Student Advocates Office as well as committees and comissions such as the Commission on Multicultural Understanding (COMU), the Incidents Teams and the Comission on Personal Safety (CPS).  Each unit, department and committee play a role in helping create a supportive student community at IUB.  The Dean of Students Office provides support to students and can help connect students with campus resources.

IU Police Department (IUPD)
(812) 855-4111
The Indiana University Police Department works closely with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety and security of students, staff, faculty and campus visitors.  IUPD is a valuable resource for both emergency and non-emergency situations and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  They are also a great resource for groups interested in learning more about issues related to campus safety and security.

Safety Escort
Indiana University strives to protect its students. If you find yourself in an unsafe situation on campus and you want or need a ride home, call Safety Escort - (812)855-SAFE - for a safe ride home.  The service is available to all IU Bloomington students and staff as an alternative to walking alone at night

IU Health Center
The IU Health Center offers a number of resources for students including the Medical Clinic, which provides STI and HIV testing, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Sexual Assault Crisis Services (SACS) and the Health and Wellness Department.  IUB students already pay for some of the services in their Health Center fee at the beginning of the semester.  This fee provides students with low-cost services as well as two free counseling sessions a semester at CAPS as well as free health and wellness education. Students receive one free nutrition session each semester and full-body massages are offered at a low-rate of $33 per massage.  Tobacco cessation resources, general health, sexual health and stress management information are free of cost.  To help create a Culture of Care, we encourage you and your friends to help take advantage of these services.  In addition to using these services yourself, don't forget you can also call or visit the professionals in these departments to find out how you can better help a friend in distress.

OASIS (Office of Alternative Screening and Intervention Services)
OASIS offers a variety of alcohol and drug education and intervention programs. OASIS programs are open to all IU students looking to make more informed choices or those seeking assistance with helping others – no referral necessary. 

Incident Teams
The Incident Teams assist and support students and other members of the university community find resolution when faced with incidents of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

Commission on Multicultural Understanding (COMU)
COMU is comprised of students, faculty and staff who work together to increase awareness and understanding of the factors that lead to racism and issues of oppression.  COMU promotes greater communication among all persons on campus, regardless of race, age, religion, ability, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.

Office of Student Ethics
 The Office of Student Ethics promotes personal responsibility and integrity throughout the academic and personal misconduct student process.  This is also the place where students can go to learn more about reporting incidents of sexual violence, hazing, or other actions that violate the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct.  In short, if you have a friend who has been sexually assaulted, stalked or hazed, this is a place you can go to report or learn more about options on campus.

Student Advocates Office
The Student Advocates Office provides students with confidential assistance in resolving personal and academic problems so that they may maintain progress toward earning a degree. They can help you work through the university judicial system, assist with grade change and withdrawal requests, or help navigate through the many other complexities of a large academic institution.  They also have specially trained Resource Advocates who can help provide assistance to victims of sexual assault and violence.

Student Life and Learning
Student Life and Learning connects students with involvement opportunities that emphasize learning in order to help each student make the most of their IU experience. We encourage you to make campus smaller and connect with more students by getting involved in any of the 750 student organizations listed on beINvolved. Students can also develop as leaders and connect with other students through LEAD IU courses and retreats.  

GLBT Student Support Services
GLBTSSS Office serves as a resource and information center for campus and community individuals, groups, events, and activities. The office provides a welcoming environment for individuals seeking to grow in their understanding of GLBT issues.  If you or a friend is interested in learning more about the GLBT community on campus, this is a great place to visit to learn more.

Residential Programs and Services (RPS)
RPS staff members are well trained to provide support and respond to situations. They are also connected to campus resources. If you live in a residence hall, feel free to reach out to an RA (Residence Assistant), the center desk,or any other staff member. They are there to provide you with guidance and support.

Protective Order Project (POP)
POP is a student-directed project at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law designed to help victims of domestic abuse obtain civil protective orders from the court, with the goal of preventing further abuse, both by restraining the abuser and by empowering the victim.